Thursday, 28 January 2010

patterned birds + ideas

Here are some little paper birds that I made today. I like using different found papers and patterns for each part of the bird. I could push these further by adding more detail.. or even making little 3d birds. I want to use pattern within my images, because I think they can really lift an image, and make it more interesting if used correctly. I was thinking of looking at some folk art, and the patterns that are used within it. Also, this might be useful for looking at colour schemes, because folk art images normally have a very distinctive colour scheme. I would like to use a limite colour scheme within the illustations, so have been trying to look at combinations that have worked successfully together in the past. I need to think about what feel I want to book to have, as the colour scheme will be a big part of how it feels.

oh here, i did some quick ideas of children dressed as the characters. Im not sure how well this would work with young children readers because they might not understand the concept, so I think I will leave this.

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