Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Had a tutorial yesterday with Joel and Paul. They liked the idea of my book... suggested a slight change in the story, which makes sense. :)
My storyboard was mentioned, they said it was good, showing flow of the story, (forgotten the word.. continuity?) but with different perspectives/layouts... loads of negative space in one, a massive head in the other.. so they liked that, so I am hopefully already showing that I can deal with narrative. :)
My drawings that I did with my eyes closed were liked, and I was advised to do some more drawing like that.. left handed, different materials (ink, different pens, pencils...) which is good, because I like doing that kind of drawing because it loosens my drawing up, and I like the results you get with it, a quality that you can never get when drawing normally :)
I also need to spend some time just playing around with different materials, which I have begun to do, but need to experiment loads.
I also need to finish off my learning agreement and make a little timetable for myself.. set myself mini deadlines.
Just looking at printing/delivery times on blurb and lulu (publishing websites) so that i know when I need to have my book ready by. I am aiming to do a few little zine type books along the way with some of my drawings in and also before I order the final book, I am hoping to do a mock up of it so i can see how it works as a book, and if there are anything changes I need to do.

Blurb: "leave 5-6 days for printing".
"Once ordered, most Blurb books arrive within 7 to 10 business days, depending on the shipping option you choose." ok so I will probably need to leave 2 weeks for a book from blurb to get delivered.

Lulu:again need to leave printing time before posting times. (3-5 days) I have used Lulu before, and they have a wider selection of sizes etc. and will be quicker and posting by the looks of it, so will probably go for Lulu when making my book. They also cater for a variety of book thickness, so will be able to make my thinner zine type books on this website too.

Priority Mail

Royal Mail Estimated shipping:
1-2 business days*
Express FedEx UK Domestic Estimated shipping:
1 business day

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