Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wales trip

Enjoyed my trip to Wales at the weekend. was such lovely countryside and weather! luckily. Unfortunatley I spent alot less time drawing than I had hoped as I spent quiet alot of time climbing a mountain and then getting lost up that mountain. But I did manage to get some drawing done on the climb up, and I have some photographs so I can draw from these also. While I was walking I noticed the "colour scheme" of the area was really interesting... deep reds, oranges and browns with greens and the blue of the sky. I thought I could take this into account when thinking about colour schemes for my images.

here are some photos from my trip.

The mountain I reached the top of (and got lost in the clouds).

The view from a little way up

View of the valley from 3/4 way up

in the clouds with the welsh ponies

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