Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Had our critiques yesterday with the tutors and the class, was really lovely to see how everyone is getting on with their EMPs. Was good to show my work to people who hadnt seen it yet, and was good to get some feedback, as was getting to the point where you are so familiar with the images, you start to kind of lose sight of whats good and whats not. Luckily, I am still going along the right path and my images were well recieved.

It was suggested that I look at certain pages where the two pages are two images (rather than one image over a double page spread), and some of the backgrounds of these type of pages are quite similar that it might confuse the images, so I need to look into ways of breaking the two images up so they can sit happily next to eachother, but not get confused as one.
One way of doing this is by using a white border around one of the pages to break it away from the other page. I have tried this here:

It looks ok, but I would like to look into more ways of doing this. Maybe a more subtle or interesting way?

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