Wednesday, 3 March 2010


i think the collaged birds work much better (especially since there are no dodgy pen lines now!) the contrast in perspectives between the two pages also makes the pages work better together.


  1. thanks for following my blog :)
    these birds are such cuties!
    ...i know a good book binder in bournemouth if you need this binding when it's finished x

  2. aww thank you :)
    oo really?! i was thinking of using, but might enquire about the one you know of, as an alternative. x

  3. here's his website, it's this guy who lives/works from his home in Parkstone, Poole.

    if you get your own pages printed at a normal printers like mailbox in bournemouth centre and take the pages to him he will bind them up, really good quality, very good prices and quick too (i've heard lulu takes aaages)

    good luck with it all x