Monday, 22 March 2010

mock-up book

my mock up or draft book, has just arrived. Thank goodness for draft books! Apparently I didnt put in a single page at the start, so the book started with page 1 on the first page (sounds obvious) but page 1 is part of page 2 and they need to be a double page spread, so the whole book full of pages partnered with the wrong page. Thats ok though, because it is a mock book. My main reason for ordering one was to check things like that, and to check how the colours come out etc. The blue sky has come out darker than expected, so might change that. Although the dark sky is ok for some of the pages. I like how alot of it has come out, and it has shown up some things that I need to change, so the book has done its job.

(Where I went wrong!)

I like how the end pages have come out and how they look as part of the book.


  1. ooh it looks so shiny and amazing! Did it leave white around the edge of the pages? ah man that means we'll have to submit PDFs of all the pages with full bleed doesnt it . . .

  2. erm it did, but not like last time. think it was my own fault... not all the pages are like it.. think its my background. im thinking of getting another mock book done in the size im doing now. its gonna be tight timewise!