Monday, 12 April 2010

Book has arrived!

My softcover book that I will be handing in for the deadline has arrived! Im so happy that I chose to get my book printed with Blurb because it is of much better quality that previous books I have ordered with Lulu (it is more expensive though, but worth it)
There are only a few tiny things that I would change for when I order the Hardcover version of the book for the examiner.
While I was waiting for my book to arrive, I have been thinking about how to present my work for hand-in and for the end of year show. I have been thinking of framing each of the individual card characters, because they look like little final pieces in themselves, as they are so delicate and tidy.
I have got a dark wood chunky frame to see how that looks, and it look really nice with the characters. I got this from Ikea, but looks really nice. I am going to look in Habitat this week for frames, because they make frames of higher quality.
I think I am going to make a book of this learning log blog for the examiner and end of year show as well, so all my workings and developments can be looked at alongside the final pieces and sketchbooks.

     Here is an alternative cover for my hardcover copy of the book. I had to change it for the imagewrap hardcover because some important parts of the other cover would have been chopped off because they stretch the image quite alot for imagewrap. Im hoping this one will cope better with the chopping and stretching. I think I prefer this version, it seems a bit more sleek and professional. 

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