Tuesday, 20 April 2010

E.E.E - Notes

Here are a few of my notes that I have been making during the lectures for the E E and E unit. (they are just notes, so might not make much sense to start with, but I will be using them for my final essay.)

* illustration is your job - profession... treat it like that. Take it seriously, work hard.

*AOI - (join before graduation) - lower rate, and lots of advice.
pros: portfolio consultancy
discount on seminars
advice line
free legal advice
can get them to look at contracts. eg. childrens book contracts royalties etc.

*Agents - they sort everything out for you (contracts, commissions, pay etc) but you never learn the ins and outs of the illustration business.

* Tax returns - easy to do yourself if you keep organised! keep all reciepts etc.

* good book to look at/read - 'the illustrators guide to law and business practice' - Simon Stern

* finding clients - find ways of finding them - contact them. eg. magazines - find publishing houses because theres loads more magazines than you see in shops.


* choices to make between what you like/want to do and what pays well - good work vs bad work

*be wary of "exposure" but no pay. - people try to persuade you to do something because it will get you "exposure" - mostly not worth it.

*establish good habits - confidence to ask for more or to say no. Asking for more cant hurt!

*business cards!

mail outs!!!<-- do this!!! pick best of your work and send to clients that you want to work for.
use as a teaser to get people to your website.
- phone potential client - ask to send work. - get name and address
- send pack of work
- ring them on day it arrives (work out when its meant to arrive) makes
them look at it, rather than it just sitting in their inbox.
- "can i come see you" / " send you more work?"/ "show you my website"
- might not call back or it might take ages
- if no response after 6 months call them back and send another mail out.
Keep it going!

*make own compliment slips to say thank you - all the time!
*youve got to be available all the time - dont miss an opportunity!

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