Monday, 26 April 2010

business cards

A few weeks ago were doing a promotion where you could get a pack of free business cards. They had the logo on, but thought I would order some just to see how they looked. They were free afterall!

This is how they turned out.

I think I will definatley be ordering some proper versions of these business cards from I used the eco-friendly card, which is good, but maybe a bit tooo bendy. I might try out the standard card, which is thicker and slightly glossy I think, which will protect them and make them last longer and be more durable. (they need to stay intact so they are usable when found after being shoved into a pocket or dumped into a bag for example)

I like how some of the images I used look as small cards, I have used some images from EMP. But I think I want to use some more images too, so I have a bit of a variety.


  1. They look good. How long did they take to print and deliver? I'm thinking about using this company too but I can't decide what images to use yet!

  2. Thanks :) erm, i cant really rememeber because I had forgotten that I had ordered them. Think it was about a week maybe a bit over? it was free delivery in the promotion, so not the quickest. Think it says it takes up to 4 days to print and package them and then 1-2 days to deliver.

    yeah im definatley going to get some better ones done.
    you can pick up to 50 different images. makes choosing images easier :)