Friday, 23 April 2010

Lecture Notes - Tim Fletcher

These are the notes from the lecture given by Tim Fletcher - head of design of Rosie Lee in London.

*have to show what you are like as a person - not just what your work looks like. Show you are enthustiastic about your work. Make you easier to work with, more likeable.

*how relevant your work is to the company/project.

*agents = help with negotiation,, usage etc. no agent = closer to the client, closer to project, can build relationships.

Finding illustrators
websites - the easier it is to get to the work the better. make your website simple, clear. Make
sure each image is named, titled and dated.
blogs - get recognition on design blogs. build relationships.

RELEVANT! only send your work to people that it is relevant for.

send stuff to people - even if you get in their bookmarks to look at later.

*difference between suggestions and being told what to do - dont let the client comprimise your work, otherwise no point and lose dignity of work.

Portfolios! - good to have a variety of work. good to show you can work in a different mediums. Show different solutions. Show that your work doesnt all end up in the same outcome. Don't let your work get 'samey'.

usage - time used? (6 months/years/forver?)
where is it going to be shown? (online/print?)
where in the world is it going to be used? (uk/eu/world)

Fees - fee for doing the job and a fee for usage.
learn what you should be getting so you can suggest own fee if you need to/make sure you are getting
what you deserve.
sometimes theres a pitch fee if you have to do loads for the pitch.

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