Monday, 26 April 2010

promo/marketing research

I have been looking at some of the promotional stuff that I have recieved from artists/illustrators when I have bought some of their work, or stuff I have picked up at craft shows etc.

Here are some examples...

When I bought an illustration from illustrator Sally Faulkner a while ago, not only did I recieve the item I had bought, but as there had been a delay in the delivery (through no ones fault) Sally kindly sent me some extra little items along with a handwritten note to apologise, even though it was not her fault. She went the extra mile for the customer. I need to remember this, I think it makes a big impression when the illustrator goes that extra mile to show that they appreciate the clent looking at their work or someone buying it. She also included her little business card and all the packaging was hand decorated.

When I bought a piece of illustration from illustrator Ashley Goldberg, I recieved the piece I had bought, her business card plus a postcard of the illustration I had bought. I think these extra little touches make the customer (or client) feel special and like the illustrator is making an effort and putting extra time in, which shows passion and enthusiasm for their work. (just what an employer wants to see!)

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